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 Quête Andreg Boisouvré

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MessageSujet: Quête Andreg Boisouvré   Jeu 24 Mai - 15:39

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OK I started this quest in Amlangs camp.
Once he gave me the quest I immediately used the whistle to call Andreg.
As soon as he appeared he had a quest ring above his head.

Location 83.1s, 14.6w (1) Grave Corruption (2) Eyes in the Forest (bestowed in Amlangs camp) Des Yeux dans la forêt

Location 83.0s, 13.1w (3) (Grifferoches perdues LvL72) Tué des corbeaux

Location 83.0s, 13.8w (4) (A la poursuite de la meute) Tué des molosses

Location 81.9s, 12.3w (5) (Pièges Cruels LvL 72) Détruire 5 pièges orques

Location 81.9s, 12.3w (6) (Malice Orque ) Tuer 10 orques

7th quest location is for Scouting the Path and I forgot to write down the location when I got it bestowed.
One thing to note is that the location that completes the Scouting the Path quest has a named hound nearby that drops a quest bestowal item when you kill the Hound. Quest can be turned in to Saeradan at the rangers camp.

Hope maybe this helps some people find where the quests are all bestowed.

Best word of advice I can give is stay in the area of the forest once you start and don't leave and don't get anywhere near the ranger camp since this will make the final quest popup on Andreg and if you press continue he'll leave and you cannot finish the other quests.

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Quête Andreg Boisouvré
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